Our New Camper

Hi guys! We are super excited to show you our new camper! After pop up camping for 3 years, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We really wanted to keep the feel of sleeping outside, and also not have the kids feel like it was big enough to hang out in it. So we decided on a hybrid, and fell in love with the 2021 KZ Sportsman Classis 160RBT.

Our new toy

We love that it has bluetooth speakers that also work on the outside, some outside storage for things like our water and sewer connection and a one push awning to keep us dry on those rainy days.

Other cool features we didnt have in our pop up- a freezer! The kids can have frozen pancakes for breakfast (their favorite). The table also converts to a bed, as does the couch. You can see one of the double beds here, there is one on the other side too. Just zip down and it feels like you are sleeping outdoors!

Another view of our kitchen. Its nice to have some storage areas, and also we now have a microwave which will make the kids happy!

A bathroom! Our pop up didnt have a bathroom so this is super exciting for us! We will probably only use the shower to clean off Charlottes dirty feet since she loves running around the campground with no shoes on!

Thanks so much for checking out our new camper! Cant wait to show you some of the places we take it! If you want to see our first not great attempt at you tube, check out our video below!

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