Universal Orlando Review (and tips!)

For our winter vacation this year we decided to try out Universal Studios and Island of Adventure in Florida. Our daughter had read all the Harry Potter books (and we had all seen all the movies) so we were most excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was our first trip to UniversalContinue reading “Universal Orlando Review (and tips!)”

Charleston, SC- Things to Do

So we haven’t been camping in Charleston (yet!) but it’s one of our favorite areas. There is so much to do in and outside of the city of Charleston. We fell in love with Isle of Palms and have rented a condo on the beach there (twice!) We haven’t done everything there is to doContinue reading “Charleston, SC- Things to Do”

Myrtle Beach, SC- Things to Do

Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit, and while it’s known for the beach, there are many options of things to do if you want to get beyond the beach. Beach The nice thing about Myrtle Beach is there are so many access points it’s easy to find a roomy beach spot without theContinue reading “Myrtle Beach, SC- Things to Do”

Cape Cod Things to Do

Cape Cod is one of our favorite places! One of the things we love about it is the quieter, more laid back vibe. It also stays on the cooler side which is refreshing in the height of summer. Just be prepared for the ocean to be colder as well. You won’t find big boardwalks orContinue reading “Cape Cod Things to Do”

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Things to Do

We visited Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN in the summer of 2018, and it was one of the first real hiking trips my kids did at ages 7 and 9. I think the biggest shock going back through the photos is just how far phone photos have come since then! We were surprised by just how muchContinue reading “Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Things to Do”

Harpers Ferry- Our Favorite Things to Do

Harpers Ferry is one of our favorite areas to visit. Its a beautiful, scenic area and there is something to do that will make everyone happy! Harpers Ferry National Historical Park A great place to start your visit is at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. In non-Covid times you can visit the Visitors CenterContinue reading “Harpers Ferry- Our Favorite Things to Do”