Grand Canyon

If you missed the Phoenix part of our trip, click here

To skip to Sedona:

The Grand Canyon is one of those must sees once in a lifetime. Pictures can’t do it justice especially in size and scope. We drove to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, a 3.5 hour super scenic drive. Flagstaff is a great town on the way to stop for lunch.

Near Flagstaff on the gorgeous drive

When you arrive at the South Rim entrance the first stop is the visitor center parking lot. When we were there in February, the visitor center was closed but bathrooms were open. A short stroll from the visitor center is Mather Point (there are lots of signs pointing the way). This is a beautiful viewpoint, but also the most crowded due to ease of access.

Mather Point
Mather Point family picture

We decided we wanted to hike a little into the canyon so we took the orange shuttle bus eastbound to South Kaibab trailhead. The shuttle bus comes every 15 minutes and can hold 15 people (masks required). We never waited very long. From South Kaibab you can walk .9 miles into the canyon to Ohh Ahh lookout. It’s possible to go further but be careful, it’s a steep walk back up! The beginning of the trail is steep switchbacks along a cliff and it continues to descend until you hit the lookout.

Beginning switchbacks
Steep cliffside switchbacks
Some stairs on the descent
There it is!
Standing at the lookout

After the hike we continued eastbound to Yaki point for the sunset on the shuttle. It was pretty empty of people, and shuttles come up to 30 minutes after sunset. The temperature dropped dramatically as the sun went down so be prepared.

Yaki Point
Sunset Yaki Point
Some snow in the background!
The pink colors arrive a few minutes after sunset

On the way out I would highly reccomend a visit to Grand Canyon Chocolate Factory, right after the entrance on the main route. The two young men who run it make everything themselves and all the chocolate is delicious! The hot chocolate was much needed after a cold ending to the day.

After the Grand Canyon we drove the 2 hours to our next stop, Sedona. Click this link to read more about our time in Sedona

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