Zion Part 2- Kolob Canyon (+ Kanarra Falls)

Since we had to leave our campground on Zion due to the flash floods, we moved to Hurricane/St George KOA. This allowed us to explore the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, as well as Kannara Falls, the Kolob Canyon part of Zion, St George and even visit the indoor pool/water park at Washington City Community Center.

Hurricane/St George KOA

Pros: There was no mud 🤣, pull thru sites, really nice bathrooms, a great pool. Cons: Little shade and lots of issues with washers/dryers working.

The pool with a view!
Our site- no mud!

Red Cliffs Recreation Area- Red Reef Trail

Our new campground was near Red Cliffs Recreation Area, so we decided to do the Red Reef hike. This hike was easy and 2.2 miles round trip. In spring its a waterfall, but no water was flowing. There wasn’t much shade and it was pretty hot so we were glad to go early. The girls loved climbing the rope to the top.

Start of hike
No shade in the beginning
A few rocky areas for shade
The only way up is to climb the rope
They all made it!
Hanging out at the top

Washington City Community Center

After the hike we were all ready to cool off, so we headed to Washington City community center. This was super fun! They have a spray ground, a slide, and a lazy river. The best part was it was only $5 per person for the day.

The lazy river went in and out of the building
The spray area
Delicious smoothies!

That night, we headed to Cliffside Restaurant in St George. The views were amazing! The kids loved the Italian sodas, and the food was great too! We don’t eat out a ton on these kind of vacations so this was a nice break from cooking.

Italian sodas at Cliffside Restaurant, St. George

Kannara Falls

The next day we headed over to Kannara Falls. This was my favorite hike of the trip! You do need to reserve tickets in advance as they only allow 150 a day. They were sold out well in advance. Each ticket cost $12 per person. We got there early and practically had the place to ourselves! You will get your feet wet on this hike, there are a ton of water crossings followed by walking through the water. It’s 3.8 miles round trip to do it all (there is actually 3 falls)

Kannara Falls
First water crossing
Probably atleast 20 water crossings
Sheep on trail
The canyon means you are close!
This is the main falls…turn around here if you don’t want to climb the ladder
The ladder to continue on
Second falls- you have to climb up the right side to keep going (it’s a little tricky)
The third falls is a bit of a walk through more canyon
The third falls…you do have to walk through cold water to get to it!

Kolob Canyons

After we finished this hike, we decided to explore the Kolob Canyons section of Zion since we were so close! This section of the park is beautiful and uncrowded and no shuttle is needed. Since we had already done a hike, we opted for the short Timber Creek Overlook Trail (1 mile round trip but steep uphill climb). This was at the end of the 6 mile scenic drive and had plenty of parking (the scenic drive alone is worth it)

Viewpoint at the parking lot (no hiking!)
Timber Creek Overlook
Cool trees on the trail
Near the overlook
A stop on the scenic drive

After our 3 nights staying at the Hurricane/ St George campground our next stop was Bryce Canyon!

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