Myrtle Beach, SC- Things to Do

Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit, and while it’s known for the beach, there are many options of things to do if you want to get beyond the beach. Beach The nice thing about Myrtle Beach is there are so many access points it’s easy to find a roomy beach spot without theContinue reading “Myrtle Beach, SC- Things to Do”

Lakewood Camping Resort (Myrtle Beach) review

Over Easter break, we decided to make the trip south to Myrtle Beach in search of the ocean and sunshine. After some research, we selected Lakewood Camping Resort. The campground is located on the beach, just a few miles south of the main area of Myrtle Beach. An important thing to note about this campgroundContinue reading “Lakewood Camping Resort (Myrtle Beach) review”