Cape May- Things to Do

Cape May, NJ is one of my favorite places to visit. Its partly nostalgia, as that is where I spent my summers with my grandparents as a kid. Its a quaint town with Victorian houses and a slower vibe. For camping purposes, we stayed at Cape May KOA. We liked it there, but used it more as a base to explore so we didn’t get to check out most of the amenities in the campground.

Our site at Cape May KOA

Cape May Point and Lighthouse

One of my favorite places to visit in Cape May is Cape May Point. This is located at the tip of Cape May. There is a small museum where you can see some native animals and learn about some of the history of Cape May. The old bunkers can still be seen on the beach. If you are into bird watching, there is a bird watching trail and a variety of different bird species. The highlight is the lighthouse, a 199 step climb with some beautiful views. Dolphins can also be seen at the top. There is a fee to climb.

Lighthouse from the ground
Lighthouse from the top
Bunker on the beach

Sunset/Diamond Beach

A very short drive from Cape May Point is Sunset Beach, also called diamond beach. You can still see some of the remnants of a sunken ship there. The highlight is the beach is full of small pebbles, and the clear ones are called Cape May Diamonds. This is a fun activity for the kids to search for different colored pebbles or diamonds. There are some really cute shops located nearby. Every evening at sunset there is a military ceremony to close out the day.

Sunset Beach with the sunken concrete ship in the background

Cape May Dolphin Watch

Cape May Dolphin watch is a fun excursion to get up close with dolphins and also see Cape May from the water. Some of the cruises include pizza and hot dogs for dinner. We have seen dolphins every time we went out, though they are quick and difficult to photograph. I would suggest looking for a coupon or groupon as they seem readily available for this activity.

On the boat- there are also indoor seating options

Cape May Carriage Tours

Cape May Carriage Tours are a great way to learn some of the history of Cape May. These tours, usually lasting 30 minutes take you down the streets of Cape May while regaling you with tales of the historic homes in the area. They leave from Washington Street Mall and need a reservation as they are very popular.

Cape May County Zoo

Cape May County Zoo is located a short distance outside of Cape May, but it’s worth a visit. It’s a free zoo! It’s on the smaller side, but still has many of the big animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, ect. There is a small petting zoo as well. it is located in a beautiful park that has a huge playground to explore.

Cape May Brewery

Cape May Brewery is located near the Cape May airport. It has a large outdoor area that is kid friendly with cornhole and jenga. The beer is delicious, with my favorite being the Cranberry bog. I would definitely recommend a stop!

Outdoor patio at Cape May Brewing

Cape May Winery

Cape May Winery is a laid back winery that often has a band playing. It has a lot of outdoor seating but is always on the busy side. The wine flights brought to your table are great to try different kids of wine.

Wine Flight and the vineyards in the background

Willow Creek Winery

Willow Creek winery is located near Cape May Point and Sunset Beach. Its a beautiful winery, but on the expensive side. Although kids are allowed, I would not consider it particularly kid friendly. It is definitely more fancy then Cape May Winery. They do offer good choices for food (though also on the pricey side)

Wine flights at Willow Creek

Washington Street Mall and the Boardwalk

Washington Street Mall is an outdoor, pedestrian walkway with lots of good shops and restaurants. Its a fun place to visit and walk around. Cape May also has a very small boardwalk, but that can be a fun activity to do with kids as well. Cape May Beach is beautiful, just keep in mind beach tags are required.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the things to do in Cape May. Cape May is considered one of the most haunted towns in America, which makes for a fun ghost tour. You could spend an entire day just looking at the beautiful houses. Visit the Lobster House for a meal and pick out your own Lobster. There are a lot of antique stores in the area to visit as well if you are interested in antiquing. Have you been to Cape May? What are some of your favorite things to do? Drop a note in the comments!

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