Hagerstown KOA (Halloween!)

One thing we noticed when we started camping is that there are fewer camping options in Maryland then nearby Pennsylvania. We had taken quite a few trips into PA for camping before we decided to find a campground in Maryland. We decided to go to Hagerstown KOA in Hagerstown, MD for Halloween camping. They had a lot of great Halloween activities, though it wasn’t my favorite campground (I’ll explain why below)

The camper in the picture is actually our neighbors, there wasn’t a lot of room for space between sites
The other side of our site (and marshmallow blasters!)

Marshmallow blasters (pictured above) was one of the many activities they had for kids. The kids also enjoyed a scavenger hunt for pumpkins around the campground, and when they found the location of all the pumpkins they got a prize- a punch ball!


Another fun thing for the kids was the magical pumpkin garden. The kids could put their name on a popsicle stick, choose a color of glitter (magical pumpkin seed) and the next morning a mini pumpkin appeared! There was a small cost for this activity but they could keep the mini pumpkin.

Some of the other activities especially for Halloween included Candy in a haystack where kids savagely routed through hay to find candy!

And of course, the main event for any Halloween weekend- trick or treating! Its a small campground, so in my opinion the trick or treating wasn’t as great as other places we have been. The kids ran through it pretty quickly because the sites were close together and there werent as many places to trick or treat.

Group photo- you can tell its a smaller campground, this is all of the kids before trick or treat
Some of the sites decorate for Halloween

In addition to scheduled activities, they had some other fun things for the kids like checkers, basketball and a jumping pillow.

1/2 court basketball
Jumping pillow

I would say Halloween here is better for smaller kids that can’t walk as far, or those looking for a quieter Halloween experience.

For bigger kids I would recommend Adventure Bound Eagles Peak for Halloween. My kids got a ton of candy and weren’t even able to make it to every site in the campground! For more information on that go here https://campingwiththekennedys.com/2020/10/18/campground-review-adventure-bound-eagles-peak-halloween/

Some of the things I didn’t love about the campground is there is only one bathhouse and it can be a walk. They do have some porta potties at the back but they weren’t as clean. Also the sites near the river were so buggy that time of year. Its a small campground but the sites are tight. They also had a big Haunted House attraction that brought in a lot of outside traffic at night (people were coming from outside of the campground). Some of the overflow parking crowded in the campsites and it was really loud until late with the sounds from the Haunted House. It was also geared toward adults and not kids, so with the age limit our kids couldn’t even enjoy it.

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