Nickerson State Park Cape Cod

Nickerson State Park is a large campground located in Brewster, Massachusetts at the center of Cape Cod. Not only is it a great campground, its a great place to visit for a day trip.

One of our favorite things about Nickerson State Park campground was the cost. Unfortunately, the cost has increased significantly for out of state residents from when we used to pay under $25 a night. Now the cost is $22 a night for MA residents, but $70 a night for out of state residents. I feel like that’s a high price considering there are no hookups.

A great feature of Nickerson State Park is the central location. Brewster is a great mid-Cape location convenient to the other towns around Cape Cod.

Our site #77 in Loop 6

There are 6 different “areas” to stay in at the campground. Our favorite is area 6, which has access down a step, winding path to Cliff Pond, the largest of the ponds in the campground. This is a great place to float or swim and was often free of any other guests even in the summer. Access to the lake is located between sites 92 and 97, although there are views of the lake from many of the sites. Area 6 is a few miles drive into the campground, so allow for extra travel time. We like that it feels more secluded then other areas. There is a shower house that is easier to drive to then walk, and bathrooms are located throughout the campground. These are typical state park bathrooms, nothing fancy.

Floating the day away Cliff Pond
Swimming in Cliff Pond- you can go pretty far out and still stand

Kayak and paddleboard rentals are located at Flax Pond Beach within the campground and are ran by Lea’s Boat rentals. These rent by the 1/2 hour and must be used at Flax Pond. For day rentals to use at Cliff Pond or elsewhere, the Rail Trail Bike shop rents kayaks and paddleboards by the day (2 miles from Nickerson)

Part of the 25 mile bike trail, the Cape Cod Rail trail, runs through Nickerson State Park. The Rail Trail Bike shop is located less then 2 miles from Nickerson for bicycle rentals.

There are many hiking trails located in Nickerson State Park, including trails around the lake. There are a few playgrounds, but most are located near the entrance of the park.

For more information on our favorite things to do in Cape Cod, check out our blog post here:

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