Lake in Wood Campground Review

Lake in Wood is a big campground located in Navron, PA. Lake in Wood is a great campground for families, with plenty of activities for the kids. One of the best features of the campground is the pool area. They have a great pool area for toddlers, as well as a pool for the big kids. The bigger pool is partly inside, and in the offseason it is closed off and used as an indoor pool. This is a great feature if its raining as well, as you can swim without getting pelted by rain.

The indoor/outdoor pool. Diving board is a big hit with the kids!
The covered indoor part of the pool, totally enclosed in off season
Part of the Toddler part of the pool
Deeper Area in the Kiddie Pool area
Swim up drink area at the end of the kiddie pool

Another thing that is great about Lake in Wood, is the big lake at the center of the campground. They do paddleboat rentals and the lake and its also a great spot for fishing!

Sunset view of the lake
Natalie caught her first fish from the lake!

Other great amenities at Lake in Wood include mini golf (small fee), and an activities schedule of mostly free activities for the kids.

Lake in wood is a sprawling campground, and depending on where your site is located it can be a walk to get to the pool or other areas of interest. I would suggest bikes or renting a golf cart. Also, if you don’t have your own bathrooms pay close attention to where you book your site. Some sites have a big walk to the bathrooms.

If you are interested in booking a site go here

Have you been to Lake in Wood? What are some of the things you liked or disliked? Drop an answer in the comments below!

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