Kellys Run Nature Preserve Hike

Kellys Run Nature Preserve is a 3.8 mile loop hike in Holtwood, PA. We decided to visit Pinnacles Overlook first and then hike down to Kellys Run, making it a 5.5 mile round trip hike. There is a small parking area at Pinnacles Overlook and it fills up, so I would suggest arriving early. From the parking area it is a short stroll to Pinnacles Overlook.

Pinnacles Overlook- It was super bright!

As you turn around to head back to the parking area, you will see a white marked trail veer off to your right. This is called the Pinnacle white trail, and If you follow this trail it will connect with Kellys Run. Its a steep downhill trail and very rocky but offers some beautiful views!

Views of the river from the white trail

Eventually you will come across a blue trail, this is the Kellys Run Trail. This part of the trail is mostly flat until you leave the preserve area to reach the parking lots. There are a lot of intersecting trails in this area so I would suggest bringing a trail map, as a lot of people were confused about where to go. From the Pinnacle White trail, I would suggest going right on the Kellys Run blue trail. Its a gorgeous trail, with small waterfalls and rock outcroppings.

Honestly, these photos don’t even do it justice. It is one of the most beautiful local trails we have experienced. As you continue following the trail to the right, you will come across an old railroad bridge. You can’t actually walk on this bridge as much of the platform is missing, but there is a trail alongside it.

After the railroad bridge, you will see a paved road leading uphill to the parking lot. From the parking lot, the trail will loop around through fields before going back into the preserve. Honestly, I would suggest turning around at the bridge and walking past the white trail to the other side of the preserve. Walking to the parking lot and through the fields seems endless and it very boring. By the time we reconnected with the white trail, the kids were exhausted and the white trail was a steep walk back up. Luckily we seemed to find a shortcut back to the car and cut some time off our trip.

For more information and a trail map visit their website

For information on the campground we stayed at in the area, Tucquan Park Family campground go here

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